Activities that keeps you on your toes!

We are thrilled to host you at Nirvana Nature and have plenty of activities planned for you to last for 3 nights and 4 days. You could opt in or opt out of them based on your preferences. Dive in further to see what more we have to offer you!


Is there a better way to compliment your stay in Mother nature's lap than Trekking? Nirvana Hill Trek is one activities planned during your stay with us. Nirvana Hill viewpoint truly has one of the most beautiful views to offer. Get ready to burn some calories on your way to the viewpoint!

Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner is one of the amazing things we have to offer to make your stay memorable. You get to take your loved one or spouse on a romantic candle light dinner. Or have a dinner filled with fun, laughter with your family and friends. The joy and experience of having a candle light dinner with the view of the ocean with Bioluminescent waves is truly magical!

Ferry Rides and Cruise Experience

Ever been on a ferry ride? Let us take you on one! A ferry ride is a ship used to carry passengers and sometimes even vehicles and cargo! When we stay in the urban areas, we often miss out on experiencing such things. Each ferry ride lasts close to an hour and is worth your time! Followed by a Cruise Experience that makes you experience amazing sunset and three beach views.

Yoga Class

After a tiring day of Trekking and Sightseeing, we have the perfect morning planned for you! We encourage our guests to become more Healthier and Happier by taking Yoga Sessions - Provided you wake up before the Sun does!

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