Thread: Guidance (PVP): Keep Raids, PVP titles, destroy cam messages, PVP Mounts etc.?

Recommendations (PVP): Continue Raids, PVP titles, eliminate speak texts, PVP Mounts etc.?

Yoshi P. reported that he had played Black Age of Camelot many years in the past and you will preferred the latest PVP. (it’s among the best PVP expertise out there).

Remain RAID Chart I Also would like to see Keep Raids in FFXIV. ple a PVP battle MAP of DAOC, where you can see 3 different towers which can be destroyed or captured. and in the middle of the map there is a keep which can be captured as well. The NPC Lord of that keep has to be defeated in order to receive it.

It reminds me personally of one’s totally new “A realm Reborn PVP Style Artwork” off Last Dream XIV and this showed a large middle remain and this has been assaulted by the several other factions by using catapults etc:

To make sure don’t wishing queues, Carteneau shouldnt end up being put into an other classification in obligation finder. It also is always to really works such as a “PVP Roulette Function”.

From inside the Latest Fantasy XIV you could reach various other headings by the ranking right up at the grand providers. which you can look for right here:

Thread: Pointers (PVP): Remain Raids, PVP headings, eliminate speak messages, PVP Brackets etc.?

Destroy Speak Messages What else i think is quiet nice that you can see who gets killed by which player, from which faction he was and where your faction member got killed at (in Cartenau it could be something like ” Tidus got killed in Helidrome by Kimahri ” : (this is just a stretched chat window here)

When someone of your faction gets slain you will get a message regarding the race speak such as for instance ” Tidus is actually killed from the marketplace by Cloud Lionheart ” or ” Quichy Sturmbruch are murdered during the Heliodrome by Wakaba Lungberg “

Just like the very first content was eco-friendly colored together with second is coloured in yellow it indicates at which faction the ball player is actually who murdered the fresh person in their faction. Destroy texts are just proven to your when someone of your own faction died. If the not one person is with it and he died because of falling down a hill the message is merely something like “Tidues died during the Helidrome” If you are part of new Iternal Fire you might only discover kill texts when somone regarding Ul’dah becomes murdered.

it can provide you with a hint that there need to getting of many limsa participants at Helidrome, when there are an abundance of purple kill messages.

a little realization what let me get a hold of: – pvp Score headings – kill texts in the race chat (XY try slain because of the . ) about shade of the latest faction – tell you term of focused challenger member within the speak journal

as to why in my opinion such alter is chill? It would be a powerful way to make effective PVP users shorter anonymous therefore significantly more “famous”. when you look at the DAOC there had been players whom entirely stood out to the others, noted for are experienced and unsafe pvp users.

it can be somebody you are searching up to. Second it implements an excellent tactical element in order to pvp, particularly regarding the such eliminate texts. Whenever you are not able to select in which these types of people are yourself located you could have a concept in which he’s when the of several some one rating slain.

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One feeling while using the flare since an excellent blm and you can step 3 ppl becomes deceased and you can there’d getting a book throughout the chatlog saying “Multiple Eliminate” () 11-22-2014 PM #4

hui at the least anybody XD it seems like the FFXIV people looks not too looking for pvp (lame^) most useful make a lot of. work on off coil as opposed to trying to somethin otherwise

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