It is also a little bit gay, and you will somewhat unpleasant, such as for example Thanksgiving Go out or Noam Chomsky dressed in a strap-into the

You may be an ice-cream sundae which have an excellent cherry on top And mindful, Cherry, ’cause I am the queen of pop Pop music, pop music, pop happens my personal weasel So now you appear to be Jackson Pollock’s easel My personal suggestion is that you you should never blow they until you understand what congestion is actually Take when you know very well what digestion try Follow Bo, the only question is Are you currently splattered ahead of Because of the Frustrated Hatter matador? Cake batter, never much more They cannot matter whether you are Foreign language, French, Swedish, or Cambodian I am going to slime you so difficult you could be to the Nickelodeon

Solitary each and every day Do it each and every ways Make single ladies say “Oh Bo!” Whenever I have been gay Whether or not I swear I’m upright I would make fellas state “Oh Bo!” Oh Bo Oh Bo, Bo Oh, oh Bo Oh Bo Oh Bo

Do you believe as you are able to deal with myself, girl, usually do not create me laugh I told you my personal rubbish are bipolar, it will broke up you in half, yeah So if you’re fortunate, I might just enable you to get household And you will I am going to have you ever supposed down for example you are increasing an extra chromosome Incase you capture me, dont grab me by the my buns ‘Cause I got an adverse matter of the ru-operates I experienced the new runs I’d brand new operates

Single every day Exercise every single ways Make single lady say “Oh Bo!” And when We were gay Although I claim I am straight I’d consider the fresh fellas state “Oh Bo!”

(I wish to break it down to have y’all We originated this new avenue that have little Now i’m to make strike information Having my anyone still-living throughout the streets, still living from inside the impoverishment, I wish to let you know I’m doing so for you My personal achievements is your achievement And that i discover it might seem, “Hi, for folks who very believe that Have you thought to fool around with a number of your bank account to assist rebuild your local rather than getting spinning tires to your a silver sprinkle ski?” And to that i say. Uh. chorus is coming right up)

Solitary every single day Get it done every single method Make unmarried female state “Oh Bo!” Incase I had been gay Even if I claim I’m straight I would personally believe the latest fellas say

My let you know is a bit piece dumb, and slightly pretentious, so like Shakespeare’s willy or Noam Chomsky sporting a band-into the

Uh, uh Your gotta fume such as for instance a great tuna I shall smell you afterwards I fulfilled a fat chick And that i fucked the woman inside an lift It actually was wrong toward a lot of membership It was completely wrong toward unnecessary le-le-le-membership It had been incorrect to your so many accounts, uh It absolutely was wrong involved try wrong involved is actually completely wrong towards

Solitary every day Take action each method Improve unmarried lady say “Oh Bo!” And in case I had been gay No matter if I swear I’m upright I would envision this new fellas state Oh! Single every single Do it each and every Pop one single such as for example a great Pringle jingle Oh Bo! This song’s nearly finished All of this nothing ditty necessary Appliance that’s twice reeded The fresh oboe!

What is actually Funny Words – Bo Burnham

(My personal ex boyfriend-partner had a very strange fetish Uh, she used to need to dress up once the by herself immediately after which act like a fucking bitch from day to night)

Thank you for visiting the fresh new reveal, it goes a bit like this Joke. just Fucking right up my disperse, it moves a bit similar to this Having a hip-hop and you can a diss after that a quick hip hop regarding hand, a hip-hop when you look at the a hug Such Hershey’s wrappin’ a hug, shit I had a program that will shot you children Also it asks that concern as well as the question is What is funny? What exactly is funny, what is actually comedy, what exactly is comedy? What is actually funny, what is actually funny, what exactly is comedy? Comedy, fu-funny What is actually comedy? What is funny, what is funny, what is comedy? What’s funny, what exactly is funny, what is funny? Comedy Oh yeah

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